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Syria, January 2013

MapAction has offered GIS support – in the form of analysis maps and information graphics – to humanitarian actors operating in Syria and surrounding countries. 

ACAPS and MapAction established the Syria Needs Analysis Project (SNAP), which is a project aimed at supporting the humanitarian response in Syria and neighbouring countries by providing an independent analysis of the humanitarian situation of those affected by the Syrian crisis.

Dar'a Governorate Multi-Sector Needs Assessment
Friday, 24 January 2014 11:49

A multi-sector rapid needs assessment facilitated by the SNAP with support from both organisations in Syria and international humanitarian organisations was carried out from mid-November to mid-December 2013 in Dar’a Governorate and covered a population of 692,000 people across 12 of the 17 sub-districts - Dar'a Governorate Multi-Sector Needs Assessment.

Jordan Baseline Information
Friday, 24 January 2014 11:46

This paper outlines the social and economic situation in Jordan by explaining the causes of the significant underlying vulnerabilities and by exploring how these issues have been compounded by the crisis in Syria and the subsequent population influx - Jordan Baseline Information

December 2013 - Thematic Reports
Tuesday, 14 January 2014 13:38
  • Cross-border movements of goods 
  • Relief Actors in Syria - This thematic report outlines the diverse range of actors currently working within Syria to provide humanitarian assistance. For the purpose of this report, assistance refers to all types of support given to people in need. The report provides an overview of the different groups of actors, their characteristics, capacity and limitations.
Lebanon Baseline Information
Tuesday, 22 October 2013 15:29

Lebanon Baseline Information - This paper outlines the social and economic situation in Lebanon by explaining the causes of the significant underlying vulnerabilities and by exploring how these issues have been compounded by the crisis in Syria and the subsequent population influx.

September Reports
Friday, 06 September 2013 13:31

  • Scenarios, September 2013This document covers four scenarios for Syria that are considered possible in the next six months.
  • Needs Assessments Lessons Learned - This thematic report provides an overview of available lessons identified from assessments undertaken concerning the humanitarian situation in Syria as well as the situation for Syrian refugees in host-countries.

Syrian Border Crossings
Tuesday, 03 September 2013 15:52

This thematic is a reference map of the border crossings between Syria and neighbouring countries. The poster lists the crossing points used by individuals fleeing Syria and summarises the border situation in each neighbouring country. The thematic is A2 page size but can be printed on A3 or A4. 

Thematic Report on Syria: Syrian Border Crossings

Impact of the conflict on Syrian economy and livelihoods
Monday, 29 July 2013 10:11

This thematic report outlines the impact of the crisis on the economy and livelihoods in Syria. It covers the impact from a macroeconomic perspective, including the impact on GDP and Government budget as well as the consequences for international and national trade. In addition, it provides an overview of the livelihoods of Syrians and explains how they have changed as a result of the deteriorating economic and security situation. 

Regional Analysis Syria (RAS)

SNAP has published its first report in January 2013, the Regional Analysis Syria (RAS).

November 2013 - Regional Analysis Syria (RAS)

October 2013 - Regional Analysis Syria (RAS)

September 2013 - Regional Analysis Syria (RAS)

August 2013 - Regional Analysis Syria (RAS)

July 2013 - Regional Analysis Syria (RAS)

June 2013 - Regional Analysis Syria (RAS)

May 2013 - Regional Analysis Syria (RAS)

April 2013 - Regional Analysis Syria (RAS)

March 2013 - Regional Analysis Syria (RAS)

February 2013 - Regional Analysis Syria (RAS)

January 2013 - Regional Analysis Syria (RAS)

The document will be updated on a monthly basis. For suggestions, comments or additional information to be included in future versions, please send an e-mail to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Aleppo Governorate Profile - April 2013
Monday, 08 April 2013 11:36

This document is the first Governorate profile published by the Syria Needs Analysis Project (SNAP). The profile describes the current situation in Aleppo, with regards to the conflict, the subsequent displacement situation and the humanitarian needs, where available per district. 

Follow link to download report - Aleppo Governorate Profile - April 2013

Syria: P-code atlas
Wednesday, 30 January 2013 13:00

Below are links to a P-code atlas for Syria in English and Arabic. The P-code atlas of Syria, contains 95 maps at 1:200,000 showing administrative boundaries (Mohafaza - Level 1, Mantika - level 2 and Nahaya - Level 3) and settlements.

P-code atlas of Syria (English)
P-code atlas of Syria (Arabic)

Syria: Governorate and District reference maps
Wednesday, 30 January 2013 13:00

Below are links to reference maps (pdfs) for Governorates and Districts for Syria.

SY02 Aleppo SY0203 Afrin
عفرين SY0203 حلب SY02

SY0206 Ain Al Arab
عين العرب SY0206

SY0202 Al Bab
الباب SY0202

SY0207 As-Safira
السفيرة SY0207

SY0204 Azaz
اعزاز SY0204

SY0208 Jarablus
جرابلس SY0208

SY0200 Jebel Saman
جبل سمعان SY0200

SY0205 Menbij
منبج SY0205

SY08 Al-Hasakeh SY0800 Al-Hasakeh
مركز الحسكة SY0800 الحسكة SY08

SY0803 Al-Malikeyyeh
المالكية SY0803

SY0802 Quamishli
القامشلي SY0802

SY0804 Ras Al Ain
رأس العين SY0804

SY11 Ar-Raqqa SY1101 Ar-Raqqa
مركز الرقة SY1101 الرقة SY11

SY1103 Ath-Thawrah
الثورة SY1103

SY1102 Tell Abiad
تل أبيض SY1102

SY13 As-Sweida SY1300 As-Sweida
مركز السويداء SY1300 السويداء SY13

SY1302 Salkhad
صلخد SY1302

SY1303 Shahba
شهبا SY1303

SY01 Damascus SY0100 Damascus
مدينة دمشق SY0100 مدينة دمشق SY01
SY12 Dar'a SY1202 As-Sanamayn
الصنمين SY1202 درعا SY12

SY1200 Dara
درعا SY1200

SY1203 Izra
ازرع SY1203

SY09 Deir-ez-Zor SY0902 Abu Kamal
البوكمال SY0902 دير الزور SY09

SY0903 Al Mayadin
الميادين SY0903

SY0901 Deir-ez-Zor
مركز دير الزور SY0901

SY05 Hama SY0503 As-Salamiyeh
السلمية SY0503 حماة SY05

SY0502 As-Suqaylabiyah
السقيلبية SY0502

SY0501 Hama
مركز حماة SY0501

SY0504 Masyaf
مصياف SY0504

SY0505 Muhradah
محردة SY0505

SY04 Homs SY0406 Al Makhrim
المخرم SY0406 حمص SY04

SY0402 Al-Qusayr
القصير SY0402

SY0404 Ar-Rastan
الرستن SY0404

SY0401 Homs
مركز حمص SY0401

SY0405 Tadmor
تدمر SY0405

SY0403 Tall Kalakh
تلكلخ SY0403

SY07 Idleb SY0702 Al Mara
معرة النعمان SY0702 إدلب SY07

SY0705 Ariha
أريحا SY0705

SY0703 Harim
حارم SY0703

SY0700 Idleb
مركز إدلب SY0700

SY0704 Jisr-Ash-Shugur
جسر الشغور SY0704

SY06 Lattakia SY0603 Al-Haffa
الحفة SY0603 اللاذقية SY06

SY0604 Al-Qardaha
القرداحة SY0604

SY0602 Jablah
جبلة SY0602

SY0600 Lattakia
مركز اللاذقية SY0600

SY14 Quneitra SY1402 Al Fiq
فيق SY1402 القنيطرة SY14

SY1400 Quneitra
مركز القنيطرة SY1400

SY03 Rural Damascus SY0303 Al Qutayfah
القطيفة SY0303 ريف دمشق SY03

SY0306 An Nabk
النبك SY0306

SY0304 At Tall
التل SY0304

SY0307 Az-Zabdani
الزبداني SY0307

SY0309 Darayya
داريا SY0309

SY0302 Duma
دوما SY0302

SY0308 Qatana
قطنا SY0308

SY0301 Rural Damascus
مركز ريف دمشق SY0301

SY0305 Yabroud
يبرود SY0305

SY10 Tartous SY1002 Banyas
بانياس SY1002 طرطوس SY10

SY1004 Dreikish
دريكيش SY1004

SY1003 Safita
صافيتا SY1003

SY1005 Sheikh Badr
الشيخ بدر SY1005

SY1000 Tartous
مركز طرطوس SY1000

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